After the new millennium, the children of the courtyard, the north drift and the changing locals become the protagonists of the Beijing drama

After the new millennium, the children of the courtyard, the north drift and the changing locals become the protagonists of the Beijing drama
Standing at the threshold of 2020, looking back at the first decade of the new millennium, it was a decade of rapid changes in the coastal cities of Beijing and a very inclusive decade.In these ten years, after experiencing the ecstasy of the Olympic bid and the glory of the first Olympic Games, and successfully fighting the SARS epidemic, Beijing has become more open and diverse.In the past ten years, the creative concept of the golden age of TV series is still shining, the seeds of the popular Internet IP have started to germinate, and the copyright dispute between the Internet and TV stations is about to start.Over the past decade, the times have changed and the industry has been transformed, but Beijing Opera ‘s focus on realism has not changed.Times are truly great screenwriters and directors, and good film and television works are nothing but superposition and reverberation.In this era of change and tolerance, some people cherish the past, some focus on the present; some find themselves, and others take care of others.Everyone has a city in their hearts. The “city” in the play overlaps to form the Beijing story of this decade-there are memories and imaginations, but in the end, they are down to earth.Nineteen years ago, the golden age of creation and inheritance, people had no idea about the IP adaptation of network literature.Later, Jinjiang Literature City, the starting point of many online writers, was established in 2002 and 2003.In 2004, the first online novel based on the Internet novel came out, but it has nothing to do with the mainland Chinese online literature. This “First Intimate Contact” starring Tong Dawei, Sun Lihua, and Xue Jianing was adapted from the same name network of Taiwanese writer Rapier Cai.Fiction.During this decade, Beijing operas continued the “Golden Age” creation methodology, and formed a scriptwriter team to create original materials, or to request materials from traditional literature.”Eight Brothers” is a script that Yang Asia took with the screenwriter for more than half a year in the Asian Games Village; “The Lonely Zhang Damin’s Happy Life” is adapted from Liu Heng’s novel; “Empty Mirror” is adapted from Wanfang’s novel of the same name; “Longxugou””Is a film and television interpretation of Lao She’s classic plays;” The Days Related to Youth “is adapted from Wang Shuo’s novel” Playing is Heartbeat “. It is worth mentioning that Lao She, Liu Heng, Wanfang, Wang Shuo, are all BeijingWriter.Most of the Beijing operas during this decade have mainly played small characters.”Days Related to Youth” and “Scarlet Romance”, focusing on the youth of the courtyard and the choices of life and life; “Empty Mirror”, “The Happiness of Zhang Damin’s Happiness”, “What Moves and Moves”, “Romance””Dove Whistle” interprets the symphony of ordinary people in the large yard and the fate of the times; “Family with Children” focuses on the joys and sorrows of reorganizing families in the happy community; “Eight Brothers” is the sweet and bitter bitterness of migrant workers in Beijing.Stills of “Days Related to Youth”.Major events in reality also improved projection in Beijing dramas of this period.”Family with Children” Liu Xing laughed at his family “Take a few hops with rope to greet the Olympics” and announced that he would climb Mount Everest to welcome the Olympics.叶京在《与青春有关的日子》结尾用字幕交代人物现状时提到了“非典”,“金燕仍在医院妇产科当白衣天使,在抗击‘非典’的斗争中成绩显著,被晋升为护士long”.Looking at Beijing from an outside perspective, the camera is aimed at migrant workers. Although they all focus on the small people, the different perspectives of the creators bring different appearances to Beijing dramas of this period.Ye Jing provided a sample of youth related to Beijing in the courtyard; Shen Haofang used the life experience of Beijing Hutong to shape the image of the poor Zhang Damin; Yang Asia regarded Beijing as another hometown and described it in a perspective that was both immersive and abstracted.All living beings in the city of Beijing.Harbin native Yang Asia graduated from China Opera and worked in Xiying Factory. In 2000, he was transferred to CCTV.Yang Asia, who has worked and lived in Beijing for many years, regards Beijing as his second hometown.”I am willing to film in Beijing, because Beijing represents China, and the living conditions of Beijing can often represent the living conditions of our time.”During the past ten years, he filmed three Beijing dramas-” Empty Mirror “,” Romantic Things “and” Eight Brothers “. Among them were the fireworks of the Beijing Hutong people who were born and raised in Beijing, and the life experiences of the eight brothers who came to Beijing to work in the northeast.The investors of “Empty Mirror” have sought several directors before, but they were rejected because of the lack of drama conflict, but it was precisely Yang Asia’s “dishes”.”I like” Empty Mirror “, and it is not mediocre to shoot the plain, it is something to be done in creation.If such a play does not pay attention to the details, there is nothing.”Yang Asia is not an authentic Beijinger, but he thinks that shooting Beijing opera has its own advantages. The perspective of people who can jump outside is called the Beijing story.”It’s like I’m not from northern Shaanxi, but I filmed” Beautiful Big Feet “.I worked there for 20 years, and I can jump out of the perspective of a native of the Northwest, and have my own interpretation of Western transmission.”In shooting” Eight Brothers “, Yang Asia jumped out of the perspective of Beijingers and paid attention to the life of migrant workers in Beijing.”They have contributed to the development of Beijing, but there are very few film and television dramas to show them. This is unfair.After the drama was broadcast, an audience member told me that he was now paying attention to the security guard and cleaning aunt in the community.I am relieved.”Difficult housing,” Big Mouth Zhang Damin “has universality. Shen Haofang studied in Japan and worked as an assistant director for Sato Junya (director of” Hunting “and” Dunhuang “).But he was born and raised in Beijing and lived in the intersection of Dongcheng District. In his own words, “it is indeed too familiar with Beijing’s Hutong life.”After Shen Haofang’s “Happy Life of the Poor Zhang Damin” caught fire, there have been a large number of follow-up works with the background of Beijing’s big miscellaneous courtyard, which have not reached the height of the former.Shen Haofang believes that the birth of a well-recognized role must be consistent with the background and pattern of the times.”The housing was difficult at that time, and now it’s all residential quarters, and people’s lives are different.”Character portrayal must conform to the reality of the era in which the play has a sense of time and vitality.””Big talk Zhang Damin” is a product of that era, and there is no way to surpass it in the second season today, because you can’t show Beijing like this.”In our Beijing today, the proportion of foreign population is increasing.This is the same as that of Shenzhen. Everyone can speak Shanghai dialect, Beijing dialect, and Sichuan dialect. There is no language difference.”This change objectively increases the difficulty of creating Beijing dramas.Because of constant changes, it is even more difficult to seize the representative of an era and find a person with universality in Beijing.”If you don’t find this character, don’t tell me that this is Beijing imitation, so I’d rather not shoot.”The Beijingers in Shen Hao’s eyes can be divided into two, one is the Beijingers who live in the times, and the other is the Beijingers in real life.The first is the impression that many people think of Beijingers who raise cages and birds, and have a good face to love. They are like the ones in Lao She ‘s novel Er Ma.The pride of the Qing people.The second type is the Beijingers in real life. The changes of the times are changing and it is difficult to break down.At that time, Shen Hao was reading Liu Heng’s novel “The Happy Life of Zhang Damin” at the guest house.So I met Liu Heng that night, and then collaborated on the play “The Happiness of Zhang Damin”.The drama was shot in the real scene near the cotton hutong, and successfully shaped a small person in Beijing Hutong, Zhang Damin, who is poor in mouth but kind-hearted, and he is optimistic to face no matter how hard life is.In the Beijing drama with the main characters of the small characters separated by a wall with the old Beijing and the old Beijing, the youth of the big courtyard is definitely the most unique type.Compared with the people in Hutong Dazhaoyuan, they enjoy more advantages in their lives, but they are also insignificant little people in the changes of the great era.Because of their background, their feelings about the gap between dreams and reality are stronger than those of ordinary people, and the drama conflict is also more intense.Ye Jing, who came from the army compound, from “The Place Where Dreams Begin” and “Days Related to Youth” to the movie “Remember the Song of a Teenager” that has not yet been released, each of his works has a strong autobiographical color.Experienced youth story of the big courtyard children.And the Beijing City, which is fixed in the video with his youth, is a cross section of that great era.Ye Jingxuan’s actors are more Beijingese, and it is better to have a military background.In the two plays, nearly half of the starring actors are Beijing-born actors. “Chen Yufan was so busy that he came to me and asked if he could act in a play. That’s it.Many children singing in Beijing have looked for me, but I am useless.”Ye Jing likes to use newcomers.” If you use wrists, the first is that you can’t afford it, and the second is that you can’t afford to lose time with him. “After looking at the script he made more than ten years later, the newcomers of that year all became wrists, time witnessed growth and witnessed impermanence-some people eventually parted ways because of the connection of the drama, such as Chen Yufan, Bai Baihe; some people worked hard and became famous, such asYong Mei; Some people leave the scene early in life, such as Fu Biao and Ban Zan.Each of Ye Jing’s works is related to his own experience, “It’s all related, it doesn’t matter. I won’t write at all.”Ye Jing said,” The place where dreams begin “is to commemorate the family connection of the parents’ generation, and also bring a kind of show-off;” The Days Related to Youth “shoots the life of their generation before the reform and opening up,” ThatAt that time, we were already at a loss and lost. “” Remember the Song of a Teenager “had the experience of being transferred to Yibin with his parents; another unreleased” We are so strange “is for our own generation.Reflection and summary.Both plays were filmed in Beijing.Ye Jing said, “The place where the dream started” opened two yards of stubble in Shichahai, “Ding Zhicheng playing Song Jingsheng and Zhang Hanyu playing Song Jianjun originally slid very well. The stubble ice can be shot directly. How dare others?”Looking back now, Ye Jing feels that many actors in” Where Dreams Begin “do not meet the skating standards.Ye Jing said that he could write accelerations other than those he experienced, but some of them were prioritized.”Even if I can’t finish writing about that, how can I have time to write about others?I’m afraid I won’t remember it in a few years.”He admitted that his works have a profound autobiographical color.”It can be said to be an autobiography.”Ye Jing said that his ideas coincided with Wang Shuo:” He (Wang Shuo) has always said that he especially wanted to write a “Dream of Red Mansions” of our time.For me, I used film and television works to complete the “Dream of Red Mansions” of our time.”Since the 1990s, Wang Shuo, Ye Jing, Feng Xiaogang and other literary and film creators who grew up in the Beijing military compound are regarded as representatives of the” Beijing Circle “(Beijing Literary Circle).But in Ye Jing’s view, their children in the courtyard and the real old Beijing are always separated by a wall, “We have a weaker sense of Beijing’s hometown and identity.The parents are not from Beijing. They are foreigners. They were gathered from Tiannan Haibei to Beijing.We have a gap with old Beijing, that is, the cultural gap between the wall and the wall. We are inside the wall, and they are outside the wall.”What identity did Ye Jing recognize?”He used a word to describe “brainless”.He is so big-hearted that he ca n’t wait to liberate the whole world and all mankind. He feels that he is carrying such a mission of the times, but he is easily impulsive.In his view, the compound can have a so-called leading culture because “it enjoys various advantages.”We must have seen many popular cultures in the West.How can ordinary people see it?Where can we afford to eat old Mo, Xinqiao restaurants, or even who dares to eat Western food?”A wall separates the big courtyard students from the real old Beijing.Ye Jing ‘s father was expelled from Beijing and his family was transferred to Yibin, Sichuan. Only then did he see the world outside the wall.”That’s Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan!My father took me into the restaurant and asked Hanako to circle around . “And on the other side, although his family was out of luck, his father still had Wuliangye for drinking and smoke from Hongta Mountain.During the reform and opening up, Ye Jing also went south to Guangzhou for business, and even opened a Sichuan restaurant with Wang Shuo in Beijing.But he thought it was just a joke, never serious business.”Don’t think I am serious about doing business. My process of doing business is” blind tossing “in Beijing.”Ye Jing said that their children in the large courtyard did not live so rigorously, nor would they plan their lives for themselves.””Me and Wang Shuo, our generation belongs to the prodigal son.”The place where dreams begin” and “days related to youth” are based on Beijing in the 1970s. A group of military yard children met and fell in love with the torrent of the times. Youth full of dreams encountered hard reality, beauty and ugliness.Both and pan out.Many of the characters in the play can be found in Ye Jing and his friends; many plots are also their real experiences. Fighting, stubborn ice, and filming a wife . “Wang Shuo has also entered the Dongfeng Market police station.”The Days Related to Youth” also has this plot, which are all true things.”Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie Zhang He More details on the topic >>> Beijing drama and face

Sports Morning News: Su Bingtian advances, Chinese women’s volleyball team is in the spotlight

Sports Morning News: Su Bingtian advances, Chinese women’s volleyball team is in the spotlight
[Track and Field]Su Bingtian advanced to the 100-meter semi-finals of the World Championships.The 2019 Doha Athletics World Championships men ‘s 100-meter preliminaries ended last night. Chinese sprinter Su Bingtian won the group fifth with a score of 10 seconds 21. He ranked 22nd in the preliminary round and advanced to the semifinals.Another Chinese player, Xie Zhenye, finished third in the group with a score of 10 seconds and 19, and also made it to the semifinals.[Women’s Volleyball]The Chinese team won 9 consecutive victories in the World Cup.Figure / Chinese women’s volleyball team micro-women’s volleyball World Cup yesterday held a third stage of the competition in Osaka, the Chinese women’s volleyball team beat the Dutch women’s volleyball team 3-1, won the World Cup 9 consecutive wins, Zhu Ting scored the team’s highest 22 points.Since the US team beat Russia 3-2, it means that the Chinese women’s volleyball team can win the championship one round ahead as long as they defeat Serbia in this afternoon’s game.[Declaration]FIFA responded to the “best” vote against the news that the Egyptian Football Association and Nicaragua captain questioned the vote of Mr. World Football. FIFA issued a statement on the official website. They said that the vote was correct and there was no problem. The voting procedures were all decided byIndependent observer-PricewaterhouseCoopers under the supervision and control.[New weather]Zaka was appointed as the new captain of Arsenal. Arsenal club coach Emery announced last night that the team midfielder Zaka was officially appointed as the new captain. The candidates for the vice captain were Obameyan and Bellerin., Lacazette and Ozil.Emery said that this decision is through the team’s internal player voting results, Arsenal will stage a “Double Red Club” with Manchester United in the early morning of October 2, Beijing time.Beijing News editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Guo Li

[Can you eat tofu with diarrhea]_Diarrhea_Can you eat

[Can you eat tofu with diarrhea]_Diarrhea_Can you eat

Tofu is a relatively common type of food in life. It is a product made from beans. Tofu is easy to digest, and is rich in legume nutrition and various human health nutrients. Therefore, real lifeMany people in China like to eat very much, but can diarrhea eat tofu?

For those with diarrhea, what should be paid attention to in daily diet?

What should I eat with diarrhea?

Can’t eat tofu.

Tofu is rich in nutrients, contains iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and other essential trace elements of the human body, but also contains sugars, vegetable oils and rich high-quality protein, its digestion and absorption rate of more than 95%.

Diarrhea is a manifestation of gastrointestinal dysfunction, due to bacterial infection, dysbiosis, and cold.

During diarrhea, it is best to eat less or no bean sprouts to prevent diarrhea from worsening due to indigestion.

What is the best way to eat diarrhea?

In the early stages of diarrhea, it is best to eat some liquid food, some thick rice soup, thin rice flour, almond cream, degreased broth, light tea, filtered juice, etc .; when the situation improves, eat some semi-liquid foods, such as noodles, pasta, white ricePorridge, steamed custard, etc.

But don’t drink milk.

Because milk does not contain dietary fiber, it can increase residues in the middle and make the disease worse.

In addition, pay attention to eating less and eating more; food temperature should not be too cold, otherwise it will cause bowel movements.

If it is chronic diarrhea, the prolonged time will cause a certain loss of nutrition in the body.

Therefore, it is best to choose foods that are both nutritious and have a small combination of stimuli.

Common cereals: porridge, porridge, steamed noodles, bread, soft noodles, pasta, etc .; eggs: other methods than fried eggs; meat: lean meat, chicken, fish, shrimp, best doneSoft and rotten; beans: soy milk, tofu; vegetables: vegetables with low fiber, such as peeled carrots, potatoes, pumpkins, winter melon, eggplant, loofah, etc., but remember to be cooked before eating; dessertHeart: Biscuits, flour, cakes, etc.

When diarrhea, some foods are best not eaten.

Such as various coarse grains, old corn, nuts; raw vegetables and fruits.

Some people think that the more diarrhea the more you must eat some easily digestible vegetables, this idea is wrong, some high-fiber vegetables, such as celery, leek, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, etc., will worsen the disease.

Onions, radishes, etc. tend to swell, so eat less.

Don’t eat pineapple and strawberry in fruits.

Friends during diarrhea should pay attention to diet choices and conditioning, so as to better alleviate the harm caused by diarrhea, and it is also helpful for the treatment of diarrhea.

[How does the snail end?】 _How to tail_How to tail

鏈夌殑浜虹粡甯镐細鍚冪敯铻猴紝閭d箞鑲畾鐭ラ亾浜嗙敯铻虹殑姝g‘澶勭悊鏂规硶锛屼絾澶ч儴鍒嗕汉鍚冪The new world is full of new military, and the new world is full of power, and the new world military is ready for you, and you are always ready to admit that you are in trouble, and that you are very up to date, and you are new and new.By the way: Fan Fan drafts and papers, you will be able to find out how to deal with them, you will be able to find out how to do it, and how to do it.鍋ュ悍椋庨櫓锛屼笅闈㈠氨鏁欏ぇ瀹舵妸鐢拌灪鐨勫熬宸村幓鎺夌殑鏂规硶銆傜敯铻烘€庝箞鍘诲熬锛熷厛鐢ㄦ按渚垫场涓や笁澶┿€傚啀娆℃竻娲楋紝娓呮礂澶氭鍚庯紝鐢ㄥ帤涓€鐐圭殑鍓垁锛屾垨鑰佽檸閽筹紝灏嗙敯铻哄熬閮ㄥ壀鎺変竴娈碉紝鍏ㄩ儴鍓ソ鍚庡啀娓呮礂灏卞彲浠ョ倰浜嗐€傛柟娉曚竴锛氬壀鍒€鎴栬€佽檸閽?銆佺敯铻烘斁鍦ㄦ《鎴栬€呯泦閲岋紝鍔犱笂澶ч噺鐨勬按娴告场涓€鑷充袱澶╋紝鏈熼棿瑕佹崲涓夎嚦鍥涙姘淬€傛蹈娉℃椂闂撮暱鐭彇鍐充簬鐢拌灪鐨勫共鍑€绋嬪害銆傚鏋滄蹈娉¤繃鐢拌灪涓€娈垫椂闂寸殑姘村緢娓呮緢锛屽氨鍙互杩涜涓嬩竴姝ャ€?銆佸皢娴告场濂界殑鐢拌灪鎹炶捣锛屽啀娆℃竻娲楋紝娓呮礂澶氭鍚庯紝鐢ㄥ帤涓€鐐圭殑鍓垁锛屾垨鑰佽檸閽筹紝灏嗙敯铻哄熬閮ㄥ壀鎺変竴娈碉紝鍏ㄩ儴鍓ソ鍚庡啀娓呮礂灏卞彲浠ョ倰浜嗐€備竴鑸壀绾?姣背锛岃繖鏍峰悆鏃跺彲浠ュ鏄撳惛鍑虹敯铻鸿倝銆傝櫧鐒惰繖涓€杩囩▼寰堣垂浜嬶紝浣嗕负浜嗗仴搴峰拰鍗敓锛岃繕鏄緢鏈夊繀瑕佺殑銆傜己鐐癸細杩欎釜鏂规硶寰堣垂鏃讹紝鍙兘鍓浜嗚繕鎵嬬棝銆佹墜鎺岃捣娉$瓑銆傚彧閫傚悎瀹跺涵灏戦噺椋熺敤鏃朵娇鐢ㄣ€傛柟娉曚簩锛氱敯铻哄壀灏炬満鐢拌灪鑲夊懗椴滅編鍙彛锛屽叾澹冲潥纭紝瑕佸壀灏炬瘮杈冨洶闅撅紝杩囧幓閮界敤閽冲瓙鎴栬€佸紡鍓灪鏈轰竴涓竴涓湴鍓紝涓€涓皬鏃朵篃鍓笉浜嗗嚑鍏枻锛屽壀澶氫簡鎵嬫帉璧锋场銆佺儌鎵嬩斧绛夛紝鍗宠垂鏃跺張璐瑰姏锛屽線寰€渚涗笉搴旀眰銆傝€岀敯铻哄壀灏炬満褰诲簳瑙e喅浜嗗壀灏鹃毦鐨勯棶棰樸€傚彧瑕佹妸娲楀ソ鐨勭敯铻虹洿鎺ユ斁鍒扮敯铻哄壀灏炬満閲岋紝涓€涓嬪氨瑙e喅浜嗐€傚壀铻洪€熷害蹇紝涓€娆″€掑叆铻鸿洺3涓€5鍒嗛挓鍗冲彲鍓ソ銆傞€傚悎澶у皬鐢拌灪鍟嗚穿銆侀厭搴椼€侀キ棣嗐€佸ぇ鎺掓。绛変娇鐢ㄣ€傜敯铻哄壀灏炬満鏈変互涓嬪嚑涓骇閲忓瀷鍙凤細姣忔鏀炬枡5鍏枻3锛?鍒嗛挓涓€娆★紱姣忔鏀炬枡10鍏枻3锛?鍒嗛挓涓€娆★紱姣忔鏀炬枡20鍏枻3锛?鍒嗛挓涓€娆″彟鏈夊ぇ鍨嬪彿鍜岀壒澶у瀷鍙凤紝鍙牴鎹姹傝鍋氾紝鍙弧瓒充笉鍚屼骇閲忕殑瑕佹眰銆傜敯铻轰负浠€涔堣鍓熬1銆佺敯铻哄熬閮紝鍗冲眮鑲¢偅鏄畠鐨勫唴鑴忥紝姣旇緝鑴忥紝涓€鑸瘎鐢熻櫕缁嗚弻閮藉湪閭d釜鍦版柟锛屾湁鏃跺€欎篃浼氭湁寰堝鐢拌灪鍗碉紝涓嶅缓璁悆锛屽彛鍛充篃涓嶅ソ銆 傛 渶 揂 Mustard  劀 銆?銆佸惛鐢拌灪灏辨槸浠庡熬宸村壀鎺夌殑閭i噷鍚搞€備笉鍓熬閮紝涔熶笉鏂逛究鍚稿嚭铻鸿倝锛岃鐢ㄩ拡涓€涓竴涓殑鎸戯紝鐗归夯鐑︺€傜敯铻哄壀鎺夊眮鑲″悗锛屽悆璧锋潵浼氭洿鏂逛究锛岀洿鎺ョ敤鍢村反杞昏交灏卞惛鍑烘潵浜嗭紝姣旂敤鐗欑鍘绘寫鏇寸渷浜嬨€?

[Men are most likely to have 6 gray ideas for women]

[Men are most likely to have 6 “gray ideas” for women]




Scenario 1: The face of the female boss was only because of his outstanding performance. The single female boss who was high above him gave him a pose, smiling and encouraging, so he had such a gray idea: “Did she give me oneUp

“You can think of him as being affectionate, but men often feel that this is the so-called male courage.

He is very confident in himself. He may be imagining in the bed late at night, thinking that the female boss is lonely and needs him to soothe.

Why he is easily sexually ambiguous with a single female boss is related to the “face-to-face” complex hidden in men’s hearts, just like many women’s deep-rooted complexes of trust, if they can get wealth and a part without working, believeNo man is unwilling to try.

Sexual fantasies for single female bosses, the global Durex sexual survey report pointed out, this is basically the first sexual fantasies of men.


Polyfluoro (002407): Increase in annual asset impairment ratio exceeds expectations

Polyfluoro (002407): Increase in annual asset impairment ratio exceeds expectations

Obviously, the provision for impairment loss of the receivables of Zhidou was clearly calculated. The 2018 annual report was lower than expected. On April 20, the company released the 2018 annual report, and the company achieved revenue of 39 in 2018.

1.3 billion, +4 a year.

74%; net profit attributable to mother is 0.

66 ppm, ten years -74.

30%; net profit after deduction is -0.

100 million, ten years-105%.

Due to the customer’s knowledge that the bean company is in the restructuring stage and its business operations are subject to uncertainty, the company made a provision for impairment of accounts receivable of the intellectual bean business at a 50% ratio, totaling approximately 1.

US $ 6.2 billion, which caused the company’s 2018 net profit to expand more than we expected.

Looking ahead to 2019, we believe that demand has grown and released, and the price of lithium hexafluorophosphate (6F) is expected to continue to rise steadily.

Considering that the company’s asset impairment pressure is still underway, we expect the company to achieve net profit attributable to its parent of approximately 3 in 2019-21.



26 trillion, downgraded to “overweight” level.

The company’s gross profit margin has increased, and the expense ratio and asset impairment ratio increased. The company’s gross profit margin in 2018 was about 25.

26%, ten years +1.

84pct, we believe that it mainly benefits from the cost advantage brought by the steady expansion of the company’s fluoride salt business.

The company’s 2018 expense ratio is 21.

86%, +4 per year.

72pct, of which the selling expense ratio is 4.

25%, ten years +0.

83 points; affected by employee compensation, budget cost, etc., the management expense ratio reaches 11.

47%, ten years +2.

74pct; affected by interest expenses, the financial expense ratio reaches 2.

8% +0 per year.

89pct; R & D expense ratio 3.

34%, ten years +0.

26 points.

The company’s asset impairment loss ratio in 2018 reached 4.

56%, ten years +2.

85pct, mainly due to the company’s provision of 50% of the receivables depreciation of bean receivables.

Considering the decline of the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles, Zhidou is still in the restructuring stage, and its business operations are uncertain. We believe that the company’s remaining receivables still have the risk 淡水桑拿网 of impairment.

Demand growth and cost support, lithium hexafluorophosphate prices are expected to continue to pick up new energy vehicle power battery demand, lithium hexafluorophosphate prices are expected to pick up.

According to a report from Lithium Power Engineering in January 2019, domestic battery leaders Ningde Times, BYD, Guoxuan Hi-Tech and Funeng Technology have expansion needs. At the same time, foreign battery manufacturers including Panasonic, LG Chemical, SKI and Samsung are all overweighting the Chinese marketCapacity layout.

According to data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the cumulative sales of new energy vehicles from January to March 2019 reached 29.

90,000 vehicles, +109 a year.


We think the sales of new energy vehicles are expected to be good, and the company’s expansion of production and demand continues. We expect that new energy vehicle sales in 2019 are expected to reach 1.66 million units, each time +30.

7% will significantly increase the installed capacity of power batteries and the demand for lithium hexafluorophosphate.Emissions released by total demand growth, we predict that the price of lithium hexafluorophosphate in 2019 may remain stable and increase.

Asset impairment pressure still exists, downgrade to “overweight” rating. We believe that the company’s traditional fluoride salt business is expected to continue to benefit from supply-side reforms and prices remain high; lithium hexafluorophosphate is supported by costs and demand, and lithium hexafluorophosphate prices are conducive to continued recoveryTo improve company performance.

As the company knows that there is still pressure on the receivables impairment of the receivables business, we expect the company to achieve net profit attributable to its parent in 2019-21.



2.6 billion (down 14 in 19/20).

44% / 18.

69%), corresponding to EPS of about 0.



77 yuan.

The average PE of comparable companies in the same industry in 2019 is about 34 times. The company’s 6F business has a cost advantage. If the 6F price rebound has resonance elasticity to the company’s performance, it will give the company 37-38 times PE valuation in 2019, corresponding to a target price range of 17.


86 yuan, considering asset impairment pressure still exists, downgraded to “overweight” level.

Risk warning: the spread between the upstream and downstream of the fluoride salt business is narrowing; sales of new energy vehicles are lower than expected; the company’s business development is less than expected, and the impairment loss of accounts receivable increases.

Sanqi Mutual Entertainment (002555) Third Quarterly Report Review: High Performance Single Quarter Revenue Hits New Record

Sanqi Mutual Entertainment (002555) Third Quarterly Report Review: High Performance Single Quarter Revenue Hits New Record

Event: Sanqi Mutual Entertainment released three quarterly reports to report and achieve a total operating income of 95.

6 billion (+72.

72%), net profit attributable to mother 15.

56 billion (+ 27% YoY).

7%), after deducting non-return to net profit of the mother 14.

1.7 billion (+ 21% YoY).

3%), EPS is 0.

74 yuan / share.

In the third quarter, the total revenue was 34.

89 billion (+ 56% year-on-year.

29%, quarterly +23.

5%), net profit attributable to mother 5.

2.3 billion (+ 25% year-on-year.

37% in the 9th quarter.


The company expects the highest net profit range in 2019 to be (20.

5 billion?
twenty one.

500 million), ten years of growth (103.


19%), corresponding to Q4 single quarter profit range is (4.

9.4 billion?

9.4 billion).

Single-quarter revenue hit a record high, and net cash flow from operations increased significantly.

In the third quarter, the company ‘s “Ghost Festival” performed well and basically maintained the position of TOP20 in the iOS bestseller list. At the same time, the “King of Heroes” launched in September and the “Sword of the World” launched, and “Doulau” H5 and other games performed well.Together, we pushed the company’s single-quarter revenue to a new high in the third quarter, a 23% increase from the previous quarter.


At the same time, the company’s operating net cash flow in the third quarter also reached 12.

8.1 billion, a month-on-year increase of 179.

69%, the operating net cash flow / net return to net profit ratio reached 2.

45, showing the company’s excellent cash flow situation.

The sales expense rate is controllable, and the R & D expenditure is constantly increasing: Q3 single season sales expense expenses61.

4% (52 in the second quarter.

76%, compared with 65 in the first quarter.

97%), we expect the sales rate of Q3 to increase compared to Q2 due to the increase in new game promotion and advertising prepayment, but it is in a completely controllable state, and the promotion effect is constantly improving; the management expense rate Q3 is 1.

6% (Q2 is 1.

6%), which is the same as Q2; R & D expense ratio Q3 is 5.
5%, compared to 6 in the second quarter.

3% fell slightly, but the absolute value has increased for three consecutive quarters.

Profit forecast and estimation: The company’s products to be launched later include leisure, ARPG, SLG and other categories, including “Super Ball” (current version number), “Duro Continental 3D”, “Dark Descendants” and otherThe reserve includes “Cell Battle” and “Archer’s 杭州夜网论坛 Sword”, etc., which are the guarantee of sustained and rapid growth of performance.
What do we expect in 2019?
In 2020, the company’s operating income will be 126.

55 billion, 140.

8.6 billion, an increase of 65 in ten years.

8%, 11.

3%, net profit attributable to mother 21.

4.8 billion, 25.

2.1 billion, an increase of 112 in ten years.

99%, 17.

38%, the current price corresponding to the PE of 2019-2020 is 17x, 14x, it is estimated to replace, it is recommended to pay attention!

Risk reminders: 1) The game’s version number is affected by the regulatory impact, and the risk of delisting is not met; 2) The product development progress is not up to expectations, leading to the risk of online delay; 3) The traffic operation effect is not up to the expected risk.

Who pays too much attention to the stock exchange market around the Spring Festival?

The stock market may be the most dramatic

Who pays too much attention to the stock exchange market around the Spring Festival?

The stock market may be the most dramatic

Before and after the Spring Festival, the market of stock and bond confluence who surpassed the reporter Zhang Qinfeng has been performing for a month.

The data of the past ten years shows that the stock market has a high probability of growth around the Spring Festival; the foreign exchange market is the most “swinging”; the RMB is under pressure before the holiday;Little trouble.

  The Spring Festival in 2019 is approaching, of which the market has the most drama?

Comprehensive analysis of various parties, the current multi-factors increase risk appetite, A-shares continue to “spring agitation” the highest voice; the US dollar has repeated performance, the yuan or the currency strengthened in the reverse, holding foreign exchange may not be the appropriate choice; bond market transactions faded, covering market sentiment changesIt is difficult to have a big market.

  You performed the most amazing performance on the New Year’s Day.

In the second week of 2019, according to the China Securities Journal reporter’s statistics, the onshore RMB exchange rate against the US dollar and the US dollar increased by 1163 basis points, a range of 1.

72%, the largest increase since the exchange rate reform in 2005; only three days after the week, the onshore RMB appreciated by 1079 basis points, an increase of 1.


  The bond market started with the least suspense.

At the beginning of 2019, the bond market continued to interpret the multi-year market, and the futures and the spot successfully achieved the “opening door”-10-year Treasury futures rose on the first trading day of 2019.

At 4%, it reached a new high for more than two years, approaching 99 yuan at one time; the yield on 10-year government bonds fell by more than 5 basis points on the first day, and fell to as low as 3 by the middle of the year.

07%, a new low since the end of 2016, close to the 3% mark.

  A shares “turn around” is the most standard, and their subsequent performance is more stable.

Entering 2019, the Shanghai Composite Index fell for two consecutive days, and hit a new low on January 4.

Since then, A shares have rebounded and continue to this day.

From the perspective of the index trend, in the past month or so, the stock movement has shown a standard “V” shape, and the Shanghai Composite Index has gradually increased by 4.


  Or because of the “excessive force” of the start, the RMB exchange rate has returned to shocks in the past two weeks.

Similarly, after setting a new overdue two-year high, 10-year Treasury futures did not continue to challenge the 100-yuan mark, instead of shaking, the main contract closed at 97 on January 25.

635 yuan, down slightly from the end of last year.

At 08%, the yield on 10-year Treasury bonds has not fallen below the 3% psychological threshold, and is currently back at 3.

15% around.

  The historical data is very interesting. There is one full trading week left before the Spring Festival. The market of stocks, bonds and foreign exchange will be more important than anyone else.

  May wish to look at historical data first.

According to statistics from China Securities Journal, the market performance for each of the five trading days around the Spring Festival from 2009 to 2018 found that the stock market has the highest probability of growth around the Spring Festival.

  Statistics show that in the past 10 years, the five trading days before the Spring Festival, the Shanghai Composite Index only declined in 2014 and 2018, and decreased by 0.

45%, 3.

33%, the remaining 8 years have achieved growth, the increase was 0.

55% to 4.

54%; 5 trading days after the Spring Festival, the Shanghai Composite Index only declined in 2013 with a decline of 4.

86%, the remaining 9 years rose 0.

49% to 9.

57% vary.

In the past 10 years, the A-share market has experienced many bull and bear changes, but every time around the Spring Festival, there is a high probability that there will be performance, proving that the stock market is “springy restlessness” and is not false.

  The fluctuation of the RMB exchange rate around the Spring Festival also has certain rules.

Statistics show that in the five trading days before the Spring Festival, the probability of RMB depreciation is consistent.In the past 10 years, the RMB against the US dollar has appreciated only in 2016, with a range 南宁桑拿 of 94 basis points, and the remaining 9 years have depreciated from 23 basis points to 845 basis points. In the five trading days after the Spring Festival, the probability of RMB appreciation was significantly greater than the depreciation, except for 2013.In 2014, in addition to the impairment in 2014 and 2015, the appreciation of the remaining 7 years was extended, and the appreciation points were between 17 basis points and 491 basis points.

Analysis believes that this phenomenon is mainly related to changes in foreign exchange demand before and after the Spring Festival holiday.

The Spring Festival is usually the peak period of outbound tourism in the first half of the year. The increase in foreign exchange demand for tourism affects the supply and demand of foreign exchange, which puts pressure on currency exchange. After the holiday, the demand for confluence falls and the phenomenon of foreign exchange settlement occurs, which often promotes the rebound of the RMB exchange rate.

  Around the Chinese New Year in the past 10 years, the bond market has been rising and falling, the most elusive performance.

In the five trading days before the Spring Festival, the yield on the 10-year Treasury bond increased in 4 years (corresponding to the decline in the market price of bonds), and in 6 years it fell (corresponding to the rise in the market price of bonds); 5 trading days after the Spring Festival, 10-year bondsTreasury yields have risen in six years and have fallen in four years.

However, the bond market is not completely random. There are two main points: First, before the Spring Festival, the performance of the bond market usually does not depart from the existing operating trend.

For example, bonds in 2015 were in a bull market and fell 5 days before the Spring Festival; bonds in 2017 were in a bear market and fell 5 days before the Spring Festival.

Second, before and after the Spring Festival, the bond market has generally evolved little.

One of the most credible explanations is that the bond market is dominated by institutional investors, and the decline in institutional participation near the Spring Festival has restricted market changes and it is difficult to get out of the reversal.

  The stock market may have the most drama. The current A-share “Spring Offensive” is certainly the most popular, not only with historical rules to rely on, but even under realistic conditions.

  Guoxin Securities reports that from the perspective of the spring market catalysts, there are mainly several categories: first, sufficient liquidity; second, the “empty window period” of economic data, so market expectations are scattered, and the logic of economic upside has not been falsified; the third is importantEarly-stage policy expectations.

At present, the risk-free interest rate is declining, the economic data is short-term, and the “spring agitation” market is worth looking forward to.

  The GF Securities strategy team weighed that the current round of “spring restlessness” of A-shares was mainly driven by three factors: first, the timing of the tightening of global liquidity; second, the expected improvement in credit expansion; and third, the short-term interest rate was lower than the previous period.

At present, the former factors are continuing, and for the additional gain realized in the third point, the “spring agitation” market of A shares will continue to be interpreted.

  Some people have pointed out that the reasons put forward by different institutions may be different, but the expectations are converged and the core logic is the same, that is, multiple factors increase risk appetite.

From the outside, the US economy is not weak, but the expectation of weaker margins has created public opinion on the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes. There are also some signs of warming in the trading environment, and at the same time alleviate the market’s continued deterioration of the external environment.

From an internal point of view, although economic data continues to decline, policy hedging has increased, especially wide credit and multiple measures, financing inflection points may appear in advance, and the expected trend of economic growth “bottomed up”.

Considering that the first-level series of operations have eliminated the worries of the capital side, the stock market continues to face the favorable conditions for the continuation of the “Spring Festival restlessness”.

  Regarding the foreign exchange market, the temporary foreign exchange purchase rules are still in place, but the trend of the US dollar has become the largest short-term variable.

From the analysis of various places, the current US dollar faces increased political risks, rising policy uncertainty, and other factors. The exchange rate has increased and there is a short-term downlink.

If the US dollar continues to weaken and the renminbi depreciation practice before the Spring Festival may be broken, investing in foreign exchange may not be a suitable choice.

  Since the beginning of the year, the interest rate debt market has closed a strange cycle of bullish bullishness, but credit bonds have performed well, which is essentially a reflection of increased risk.

Considering that the bond market trading has weakened around the Spring Festival, it is difficult to have a big market.

Institutional analysis needs to focus on the impact of short-term risk appetite repairs.

Although the fluctuation of the debt bull in the second half is inevitable, the trend has not yet been reversed, and more structural and multiple opportunities can be seized.

Enhance immunity in winter, red food is the most powerful


Enhance immunity in winter, red food is the most powerful

Click to buy the weather is cold, the food needs to eat more foods that can enhance immunity, in order to effectively prevent the invasion of the virus.

Red food is best for eating in the cold winter, because it supplements protein and high-quality vitamins, minerals and other elements to maintain good health and improve body immunity, thereby enhancing the body’s cold resistance.

銆€銆€1, red dates and red dates contain a lot of sugar substances, and contain a lot of vitamin C, riboflavin, thiamine, carotene, niacin and other vitamins, with complementary nourishing effect, can improve the body’s immune function, enhance resistanceSick ability.

銆€銆€2, beef beef protein, amino acids, can improve the body’s disease resistance, can effectively blood and nourish, winter beef can also warm stomach tonic.

Moreover, beef has a low trace content, but it can be combined with linoleic acid. These potential antioxidants can help women to resist beauty.

銆€銆€3, Hawthorn Hawthorn is rich in a large amount of flavonoids and vitamin C, carotene and other nutrients, these nutrients can prevent and reduce the formation of free radicals, thereby effectively enhancing the body’s immunity in the cold winter and preventing various winter commondisease.

銆€銆€4, mutton mutton in addition to nutrient-rich, there are warm and spleen, kidney and impotence, Qi and nourishing.

Eating in the winter can increase the metabolism of the human body, resist the cold, increase the digestive enzymes, protect the stomach wall to repair the gastric mucosa, help the spleen and stomach to digest, and overcome the anti-aging effect.

銆€銆€5, sweet potato sweet potato into the spleen, kidney two classics, can “replenish the spleen and stomach, benefit strength, Royal Wind”, is regarded as a “good medicine” by Chinese medicine.

The skin is a member of the body’s immune system and is the first barrier against external aggressions such as bacteria and viruses.

Vitamin A plays an important role in the process of connecting skin tissue.

The best way to supplement vitamin A is to get beta carotene from food. Sweet potato is the transformation pathway to get this nutrient. It is rich in beta carotene and has low conversion.

銆€銆€6, tomatoes and tomatoes contain vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, especially with higher minerals, such as iron, magnesium, calcium, etc., which is still rare in other plant foods.

Eat tomatoes often, can make blood and benefit the gods, make the skin soft and tender, and the face is rosy.

銆€銆€7, carrots and carrots are rich in a large amount of carotene, can spleen and digestion, liver and eyesight, lowering gas and relieving cough.

Carrots provide a wealth of vitamin A, which has the ability to promote normal growth and reproduction, maintain epithelial tissue, and prevent respiratory infections.

The carotene contained in carrots can be quickly converted into vitamin A in the human body to maintain the health of the eyes and skin.

銆€銆€8, cherry cherry high iron content, can promote hemoglobin regeneration, improve immunity, also contains protein, calcium, phosphorus, carotene, vitamin C, B and other ingredients, often eat baby skin red and white.

However, cherry warmth, hot sexually transmitted diseases and hypothermia cough can not eat.

“Move your finger” will let you sit and enjoy “skinny”

鈥淢ove your finger鈥?will let you sit and enjoy 鈥渟kinny鈥?
When it comes to losing weight, are you jumping out of these two words: “diet” and “sports”.
Dieting, seeing your favorite food, want to eat but can not eat, too cruel; exercise, summer temperatures are high, even slow walking will sweat, exercise or lose weight think about it.
Then, our weight loss business can’t just count it.
There are a lot of sayings on the Internet that “sitting can lose weight”. Is there really something wrong?
Let’s take a look!
銆€銆€Lazy Weight Loss Law Everyone knows the saying of “Ten Fingers and Hearts”. How much do you know about the mystery?
Ten fingers are inseparable from the various organs of the body.
When I was a child, I often listened to our grandfathers and told them to save blood.
It sounds terrible, but it does have scientific reason. The secret of acupoints is profound.
The theme of this article is to lose weight, so how to press the acupoints so that you can sit and lean?
銆€銆€First, choose acupuncture points The human body has a total of 720 acupoints, of which 36 acupoints can not be casually pressed, that is, people often say “dead spots.”
Of course, the dead spots are not so easy to be spotted. Most of the dead spots are basically concentrated on the head, so you don’t have to worry.
In order to achieve the effect of losing weight, it is especially important to choose acupuncture points, otherwise it will be in vain.
Different acupoints have a slimming effect.
The following small series will introduce you to several easy to find acupuncture points.
銆€銆€1, face-lifting – temples The temples are familiar to everyone, the eye movements of the student era are lingering in the ear, “the fourth quarter, according to the temple wheel shaved.”
Is it right to know where the temple is?
That’s right, it’s the position on both sides of the eye.
Pressing the temple not only has the effect of relieving eye fatigue, but also eliminates facial swelling. Long-term compression can play the role of thin face wrinkles.
In addition, there are multiple acupuncture points on the thumb that are useful for face-lifting.
Therefore, it is best to use a thumb when pressing.
It can protect the eyes, relieve fatigue, and be beautiful. Why not?
銆€銆€2, thin abdomen – Daheng points There are a total of eight acupuncture points on the stomach, namely: Daheng points, Tianshu points, Daju points, water points, Zhongyu points, Qihai points, Guanyuan points, and points.
These eight acupoints are concentrated around the belly button and are not easily separated.
In addition, Chinese medicine recommends that the simultaneous massage of these eight acupoints is better for reducing abdominal fat.
Massage these eight acupuncture points, not only can reduce abdominal fat push, but also promote the speed of the body’s digestive system, for the relief of constipation, intestinal detoxification has a good effect.
In your spare time, hold the belly button with your palm and massage the abdomen clockwise, so that having a small waist is no longer a luxury.
銆€銆€3, thin thighs – no name, no name, everyone can not be expected to live, this acupoint and ring finger can be far away.
Since the nameless hole can be stovepipe, then it is natural to find it on the leg.
The reason why you recommend this point is because the nameless point is located in the midpoint of the inner thigh and is easy to find.
Massage the nameless hole, not only can promote blood circulation, promote cell metabolism, prevent fat accumulation inside the thigh, but also tighten the muscles and beautify the leg line.
銆€銆€4, skinny legs – Chengshan point Chengshan point is also very easy to find, it is at the end of the calf muscle.
When the calf is stretched, the muscles will emerge.
The hard part is the muscle, its end, close to the ankle, is the Chengshan point.
Chengshan Point is one of the important acupuncture points of the human body. Massage Chengshan Point can effectively improve the calf edema and accelerate the burning of calf fat.
銆€銆€Second, find acupuncture points Face, abdomen, calf, thigh are the three parts of the body that are most likely to gain weight. The above describes how to effectively suppress the acupuncture points of these three parts of long meat.
However, knowing the acupoints is only the first step. How to find acupuncture points?
How do you know if you are looking for acupuncture points?Do not worry, Xiaobian this tells you how to determine whether to find acupuncture points.

銆€銆€1, acid and numb is that if you press the body to have a slightly sour feeling, then congratulations, find acupuncture points.

If you don’t know what it feels like to be slightly numb, try to feel like you are doing your eye exercises.

銆€銆€2, the unevenness is the place where the acupuncture point is a little concave, the finger can feel a concave hole.

If your finger’s skin position has a bumpy feel, then the position is right.

銆€銆€Third, massage acupuncture points to find the acupoints, followed by massage points.

So how can massage achieve the effect of losing weight?

The basic techniques of massage have the essence, pressing, rubbing, pushing, squatting.

Since this article only covers the first two, it focuses on the two methods of pressing and rubbing.

At the same time, it is necessary to adjust the breathing at the same time, and the respiratory depression can be used to achieve the best effect.

銆€銆€1, according to the fingertips inserted into the acupuncture points, the intensity is moderate.

Continue to shrink the acupuncture points for 5-10 seconds, interrupt for 2-5 seconds in the middle, repeat 5-10 times a day.

銆€銆€2, Momo, that is, friction.

This article is mainly aimed at the eight acupuncture points of the abdomen, holding the palm, in the abdomen, a wide range of clockwise or counterclockwise rubbing action.

Each time the rubbing time is more than 10 seconds, you can repeat 7 groups every day.