Liu Yifei’s audition for Mulan video exposure, concentration and talent attracted the director

Liu Yifei’s audition for “Mulan” video exposure, concentration and talent attracted the director
Sauna Night News On May 14, Nikki Caro, director of “Mulan” shared a video clip of Liu Yifei’s first audition for “Mulan”.Her line reproduced “” Two rabbits walked down, An Neng could distinguish me from male to female “.Nikki Caro revealed that this was the first time she saw Liu Yifei: “The day before, Liu Yifei had just flown from Beijing to the United States because of the great time difference.We need to watch her play in 4 plays, one of which has 5 pages of lines, all in her second language (English).The audition took 2 hours, and then she performed another 90 minutes of physical training.Although she was very tired, she never asked for rest, and was always focused, focused, and outstanding.I saw her talent, physical strength, artistic skills and undoubted spirit. I knew I found a partner, a collaborator and a fighter.We love her so much, in order to wait for her schedule, we postponed the start of shooting for 6 months.This is the best decision we have ever made.Previously, Nikki Caro also shared another video showing clips of well-known actors such as Dou Jingtong, Yang Caiyu, Lan Yingying, Zhang Yishang, Shang Yuxian audition for “Mulan”.>>> The director shared the “Mulan” audition video. Dou Jingtong Yang Caiyu and others have participated in “Mulan” scheduled to be released in North America on July 24.Xu Meilin, the editor of Sauna Night, proofreads Wei Zhuo

Netflix’s new Cosmic Giant Seaman poster exposed, villains show up

Netflix’s new “Cosmic Giant Seaman” poster exposed, villains show up
Sauna Night News On December 19th, a new version of the animated series “The Giant of the Universe Seaman” by Netflix released a poster.Seaman raised the sword of power, and the villain Skeleton appeared in the poster.This is a CG animated script that resets the journey called Prince Adam and his fight with Skeleton King.”Cosmic Giant Seaman” is a black American released in 1983.The story takes place in a piece of “Middle-earth” fantasy world “Eternia”, where there are Pegasus, wizards and other magical creatures, Adam is the prince of this world, he has a secret, that is every timeWhen he shouted the spell, he transformed into “Cosmic Giant Seaman” and fought against the domineering “Skeletor”.”Cosmic Giant Seaman” also has a “Brother and Sister”, called “The Extraordinary Princess Seary”.Air Force, Netflix also announced that Kevin Smith will be the operator to create a new animated drama “Cosmic Giant Seaman: The Truth” to supplement the classic unfinished plot of “Seaman” storyline: he and the villain Skull KingThe final battle.But now it seems that these are two different dramas, both in the development of Netflix.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Liu Baoqing

Slaughter is far better than Spider-Man 丨 Reveal Venom 2

“Slaughter” is far better than Spider-Man 丨 Reveal “Venom 2”
On April 22, the movie “Venom 2” announced the extension of the schedule, from the original October 2 this year to June 25, 2021 to be released in North America, and officially announced the name “Venom: Let the Massacre” (tentative)Translated “Venom: The Beginning of the Massacre”).Halfway through the end caption of “Venom” in 2018, the screen switched to the screen where Ed Hardy, played by Tom Hardy, went to San Quentin Prison.The red-haired man in prison uniform, played by Woody Harrison in prison, was the “villain” of the villain.Woody Harrison’s “Slaughter” appears as an egg at the end of “Venom”.Not “Spider-Man”, the potential “slaughter” role of “venom” and its related Marvel comics loyal readers is confusing.In “Venom: The Beginning of the Massacre”, this villain will officially appear on the big screen for the first time, thus revealing the true face of the “villages” of the villain.It originated from the symbiotic organization left by “Venom” in 1988. When “Venom” appeared in the 300th issue of the comic “Magic Spider-Man”, he already earned a lot of reputation for him.With this success in mind, Marvel decided to develop more symbiotic creatures, allowing writer David Michelini, artists Eric Larsen and Mark Bagley to create a darker character than “Venom”-“Slaughter” debuted in the 360th issue of the 1992 comic “Magic Spider-Man”.”Genocide”, whose real name is Cletus Casadi, is a serial killer. After being arrested and imprisoned once, he met the owner of “Venom” Eddie Bullock in the same cell.When the “venom” came to rescue Eddie, some symbiotic tissues were left on the steel bars. These symbiotic tissues were attached to Cletus, and Marvel’s most murderous villain “slaughter” was born.”Spider-Man” and “Fantastic Four” and “Venom” teamed up to defeat the “Slaughter”. The “Slaughter” is a more dangerous “venom”, with stronger strength, agility and speed than the “Venom”.”Slaughter” can use his tendrils as lethal weapons and fire them as shells.Psychologically he can do anything to advance evil plans.When carrying out criminal activities in New York, “Slaughter” was blocked by “Spider-Man”, but “Spider-Man” was not his opponent. In desperation, “Spider-Man” invited “Fantastic Four” and “Venom”Only then was the “slaughter” sent to the mental hospital.However, the “slaughter” also has similar weaknesses as the “venom”, do not like high temperature, ultrasound.In the comics, “Spider-Man” is not an opponent of “slaughter”.In the comics, Xiang Shan was twice good. Although “slaughter” was killing and killing life, he was one of Marvel’s most perverted villains, but he also became a good man twice.Once in the comic “Venom Universe”, “Slaughter” worked with the heroes of “Venom” to resist “Venom”, the enemy of “Venom”.In order to defeat the “poison”, a singular doctor possessed by “venom” in a parallel universe uses teleport magic to summon the “venom” heroes of other parallel universes to his own universe.”Slaughter” was also summoned to fight against the puppets of “Poison”.Another time in the comic book “The Axis of Good and Evil”, due to the magic of “Dr. Doom” and “Crimson Witch”, most superheroes and villains turned upside down.The heroes who were originally firm and just became villains, and the villains that were evil and bloodthirsty became heroes.”Slaughter” has become a superhero to punish crimes, but his punishment is still violent. As long as the criminal makes a small mistake, he will be hit by the eye and cut his arm.Once killed by the “Sentinel” in the comic “New Avengers”, the “Slaughter” strayed into the room of the “Sentinel” (a superhero who accidentally drank a potion so that he had the energy to explode a million stars) in a prison escape,The “Sentinel” immediately sent this uninvited guest into space and tore it in half, and the “slaughter” was killed.But as a first-line villain, he may not disappear, and he will probably be resurrected again in the comics.Repeatedly appeared in 1994. In the animated series “Spider-Man”, the cartoon image of “Slaughter” appeared for the first time. Later, “Slaughter” also appeared in the animated series “Super Spider-Man” in 1999 and the animated series “2012”.Appeared in The Ultimate Spider-Man.The last appearance was the egg at the end of the 2018 “Venom”.”Slaughter” appeared in the 1999 animated series “Super Spider-Man”.Sauna, Ye Wang Teng Chao editor Huang Jialing school against Li Shihui

[Inferior milk powder]_milk powder_how to tell_how to judge

[Inferior milk powder]_milk powder_how to tell_how to judge

Nowadays, the demand for milk powder on the market is increasing, so many unscrupulous businesses will produce some inferior milk powder, which will cause great harm to the baby. Parents must learn to distinguish the difference between inferior milk powder and normal milk powder.Let your baby drink assured milk.

The difference between inferior milk powder and normal milk powder is one: the color is different. Observe the color of milk powder carefully.

Result: Normal milk powder is slightly white with yellow, and all of them are the best.

If the color is dark or burnt yellow and off-white, it is inferior milk powder.

The difference between inferior milk powder and normal milk powder: There is a difference in sound. Gently squeeze the milk powder packaging bag and rub it to hear the sound.

Result: Normal milk powder is delicate, which makes it squeak.

Inferior milk powder has a rustling sound because it is mixed with sugar and has coarse particles.

The difference between inferior milk powder and normal milk powder is three: there is a difference in taste: milk powder bag earns, you can judge by smell.

Result: Normal milk powder has a light milky aroma, which is a natural milk aroma that is known to some people.

If it has mildew, sour, astringent or bitter taste, it means that the milk powder may be deteriorated due to poor raw materials, inadequate packaging or poor storage, etc., which is inferior milk powder.

The difference between inferior milk powder and normal milk powder is four: there is a difference in feel. Grasp a little milk powder and pinch it in your hand to judge.

Result: Normal milk powder is loose and soft, and the pinch will make a slight “squeak” sound.

If it feels sticky and hard after kneading, it proves that the milk powder may be damp. If it is not easy to crush, it proves that the milk powder is inferior.

[How to make egg tarts without egg tart skins]_ egg tarts _ making method _ practice Daquan

[How to make egg tarts without egg tart skins]_ egg tarts _ making method _ practice Daquan

Many people in life prefer to eat baked egg tarts, because the nutritional value of baked egg tarts is very high, and when we generally bake egg tarts, we need to buy tin foil for egg tarts, which is more expensive.

So some people will make skinless egg tarts when making egg tarts. Such tarts will taste soft and fluffy.

So what is the practice of skinless egg tarts?

Many people especially like to eat KFC’s Portuguese egg tarts. Although the Portuguese egg tarts may seem complicated, they are not difficult to make once, but they need a lot of patience, so they need to do the action repeatedly. Now we willLet’s challenge the method of egg tart skin and how to make egg tart.

Everyone just need to pay attention to refrigerating from time to time when making egg tarts. Some people will buy egg tart skins online at some Baomoudong, but the price is not cheap, so if you want to save money, you can buy some ingredients and make them at home.Makes super crispy custard crusts that give off a rich creamy flavor when baked.

Every time you make it, you will understand why a small egg tart is so unaffordable, because the ingredients are expensive. Now we will quickly learn how to make egg tarts and how to make egg tarts.

How to make egg tarts: How to make egg tarts: 1. How to make egg tarts: 1.

First put the flour in the middle of the flour, then knead the ghee in a circular manner, then pour in fresh water and knead hard.

Cover it with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Put the ghee in the plastic wrap, then soften and roll into a thin sheet 3 with a rolling pin.

Then put it in the refrigerator for refrigerating. After taking it out, roll it into a thicker box in the middle. Then put the ghee in the middle, and fold and seal the 2 sides towards the middle.

Roll out the dough sheet, and then fold it into two folds like a quilt. Then put it in the refrigerator for half an hour and take it out. Then roll it out, roll it into a roll and put it in the refrigerator. Second, the method of making egg tarts: 1.

First prepare the egg tart water cream 1 milk white sugar egg yolk low gluten flour condensed milk, then pour the light cream into the milk, then add condensed milk and sugar 2.

Heat to melt and take out to cool. Then pour in the egg yolk liquid and stir well. Put in the flour and stir well. After sieving, the tart water is ready.

The dough roll is divided into several equal parts, then the bottom is covered with a small amount of starch, put into the mold, the middle part is pushed with the thumbs of both hands to the sides, and then refrigerated for 20 minutes

[Can you eat potatoes with fever]_High fever_Can you eat

[Can you eat potatoes with fever]_High fever_Can you eat

Fever is a very common phenomenon in life, and patients’ resistance will decrease due to fever. So during the fever, patients should try to eat less junk food, otherwise it may cause a variety of diseases in the body.And potato is a food that everyone likes to eat, and this food is quite common in life. So, can a person with a fever eat potatoes?

Patients can eat potatoes during the attack, but be sure to eat them in moderation and not eat more.

The tubers of potatoes contain about 2% protein, and the protein content of dried potatoes is 8-9%.

According to research, the protein of potatoes has a high nutritional value, and its quality is equivalent to that of eggs. It is easy to digest and absorb, and a variety of other crop proteins.

And the protein of potato contains 18 kinds of amino acids, including various essential amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize.

Highly evaluate the nutritional value of potatoes. It is accompanied by high-grade protein and essential amino acids in tubers, such as lysine, tryptophan, histidine, arginine, phenylalanine, valine, leucineThe presence of isoleucine and methionine is inseparable.

Potato tubers contain a variety of vitamins and inorganic salts, which are also very helpful for fever recovery, so potatoes can be eaten properly during fever.

It should be no problem to eat potatoes normally with fever and no fever. If you eat potatoes as the main food for several days, it should be impossible. If you have a fever, you can ignite the fire without fever, and the potatoes are not easily digested.

Potatoes belong to yam, and yam supplements soft dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is the tough wall layer of plant cells. It is not absorbed and does not provide yield after eating into the human body, but because of its indispensable role in metabolism, soAfter carbohydrates, proteins, trace amounts, water, minerals and vitamins, patients with fever classified as “category 7 nutrients” should have a light diet and avoid eggs.

Eggs are rich in nutrients, but they should not be eaten during fever, especially fried poached eggs or scrambled eggs.

Many people think that eating eggs with a fever when sick is nutritious and good for restoring health, but this is unscientific.

If a patient with a fever eats eggs, the transformation in the machine body will increase, because it is impossible to distribute them. In fact, it is “pouring oil on the fire” and will burn more severely.

Do not eat lean meat, fish and other high-protein foods when you have a fever. The principle is the same, it will also increase the body’s transformation, and you should eat as little as possible.

The diet of fever patients should be light, easy to digest, and rich in vitamins. Generally, liquid or semi-liquid foods are mainly used, such as rice soup, porridge, noodles, etc., with some fresh vegetables or fruits.

After the fever, you can eat chicken soup noodles, vegetable gruel and other food.

In the later stage of recovery, you can add more high-protein foods such as lean meat, fish, and tofu.

[Is the soil honey hot or cold?

]_Attribute_Nutrition Value

[Is the soil honey hot or cold?
]_Attribute_Nutrition Value

Everyone is very familiar with honey, but many people may not know about native honey. In fact, native honey is the so-called wild honey, and it is also a kind of natural honey that has not been processed artificially. Therefore, the nutrition of honey is not completely destroyed.The value of soil honey is very high. Some kind of soil honey has the effect of beauty and beauty, but also has the effect of losing weight. So what are the properties of this honey?

Is soil honey hot or cold?
Honey has a difference between cold and hot, and different honeys have different effects.

Coolness: Coptis honey, Jinghua honey, Huaihua honey, Ziyunying honey, the best treatment for constipation is cold honey.

Hotness: date flower nectar; beauty: wild rose honey, motherwort honey; lungs: wolfberry honey, citrus honey, coriander honey; stomach: osmanthus honey, sesame honey, schisandra honey; sleep aid: longan honey, date honey, royal jelly

Honey can be placed in the medicinal wine, honey must be used to treat constipation, and honey can also be used to treat insomnia.

[Symptoms of honey]Fire-repellent: Coptis sibirica honey, lotus root honey, phoenix honey, purple cloud honey, locust flower honey beauty and beauty: snow fat lotus honey, garden rose honey, wild rose honey, and motherwort honey are good for the lungs:Chinese wolfberry honey, citrus honey, and loquat honey are good for the stomach: sweet-scented osmanthus honey, schisandra honey, date flower honey, citrus honey, and sesame honey are good for insomnia: longan honey, schisandra honey, jujube nectar is only locust honey, linden tree honey, etc.Only laxative, jujube nectar can not be laxative, patients with constipation will aggravate the disease after consumption.

[Edible method]1. Fresh honey can be ingested directly or formulated as an aqueous solution, but it must not be boiled in water or cooked at high temperature, because the active ingredients such as enzymes and other active substances are destroyed by high temperature.

Honey is best replaced with warm water or cold water below 40 degrees.

2. Dosage: As a treatment or adjuvant treatment, 100 grams a day for adults, not more than 200 grams, three times in the morning, middle, and night. Children’s consumption of 30 grams is the best, but it should be determined by age.

For treatment, take two months as a course of treatment; as a health care, the amount can be reduced as appropriate, generally 10? Per day

3. Do not use boiling water or high-temperature steamed honey, because unreasonable heating will cause serious damage to the nutrients in honey, inactivation of enzymes in honey, darkening of the color, volatile aroma, and change of taste.Sour.

4, honey consumption time is very particular about, generally 1-1 before meals.

It is more suitable to eat 5 hours or 2-3 hours after a meal.

5, honey can not be placed in metal utensils, so as not to increase the content of heavy metals in honey.

6, when eating honey, drink honey alone, and then drink warm water.

[How to make chowder noodles]_Homemade way of chowder noodles_How to make chowder noodles_How to make chowder noodles

[How to make chowder noodles]_Homemade way of chowder noodles_How to make chowder noodles_How to make chowder noodles

With the development of the times, few of us may cook.

Everyone eats food stalls and takes away.

There is nothing wrong with this, but the food outside is not necessarily very clean. Sometimes you can cook your own meals to taste good food and also get healthy. Below I will introduce you to chowder noodles and learn how to make them yourself.


The raw material diagram is shown in the figure.


Peel and cut the tomatoes, shred the pork with egg whites, and marinate with half a teaspoon of starch for ten minutes.

Chopped garlic sprouts.


Wash and control other vegetables.


Put the oil in the pan and fry the pork.


Add tomatoes and vegetables and stir well.


Boil the bone or chicken broth, add salt, pepper, and simmer on low heat. Prepare the dough at this time.


After kneading the dough evenly, roll it out into thick and moderate slices.


Divide into two centimeter wide strips.


Use your thumb and forefinger to pull into pieces (this one is best to boil the water while throwing it in).


Cook the noodles. Remove the seven noodles and add them to the soup.


Fans also put in.

The fans are soft.

Finally sprinkle the garlic and pour some sesame oil on it.

Many people ca n’t cook anymore. After all, the development of social life and the catering industry are very developed. They basically meet our needs for food.Try making chowder dough.

[Can you eat tofu with diarrhea]_Diarrhea_Can you eat

[Can you eat tofu with diarrhea]_Diarrhea_Can you eat

Tofu is a relatively common type of food in life. It is a product made from beans. Tofu is easy to digest, and is rich in legume nutrition and various human health nutrients. Therefore, real lifeMany people in China like to eat very much, but can diarrhea eat tofu?

For those with diarrhea, what should be paid attention to in daily diet?

What should I eat with diarrhea?

Can’t eat tofu.

Tofu is rich in nutrients, contains iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and other essential trace elements of the human body, but also contains sugars, vegetable oils and rich high-quality protein, its digestion and absorption rate of more than 95%.

Diarrhea is a manifestation of gastrointestinal dysfunction, due to bacterial infection, dysbiosis, and cold.

During diarrhea, it is best to eat less or no bean sprouts to prevent diarrhea from worsening due to indigestion.

What is the best way to eat diarrhea?

In the early stages of diarrhea, it is best to eat some liquid food, some thick rice soup, thin rice flour, almond cream, degreased broth, light tea, filtered juice, etc .; when the situation improves, eat some semi-liquid foods, such as noodles, pasta, white ricePorridge, steamed custard, etc.

But don’t drink milk.

Because milk does not contain dietary fiber, it can increase residues in the middle and make the disease worse.

In addition, pay attention to eating less and eating more; food temperature should not be too cold, otherwise it will cause bowel movements.

If it is chronic diarrhea, the prolonged time will cause a certain loss of nutrition in the body.

Therefore, it is best to choose foods that are both nutritious and have a small combination of stimuli.

Common cereals: porridge, porridge, steamed noodles, bread, soft noodles, pasta, etc .; eggs: other methods than fried eggs; meat: lean meat, chicken, fish, shrimp, best doneSoft and rotten; beans: soy milk, tofu; vegetables: vegetables with low fiber, such as peeled carrots, potatoes, pumpkins, winter melon, eggplant, loofah, etc., but remember to be cooked before eating; dessertHeart: Biscuits, flour, cakes, etc.

When diarrhea, some foods are best not eaten.

Such as various coarse grains, old corn, nuts; raw vegetables and fruits.

Some people think that the more diarrhea the more you must eat some easily digestible vegetables, this idea is wrong, some high-fiber vegetables, such as celery, leek, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, etc., will worsen the disease.

Onions, radishes, etc. tend to swell, so eat less.

Don’t eat pineapple and strawberry in fruits.

Friends during diarrhea should pay attention to diet choices and conditioning, so as to better alleviate the harm caused by diarrhea, and it is also helpful for the treatment of diarrhea.

[Meng monkey peanut dumplings practice]_Meng monkey peanut dumplings home-made practices_Meng monkey peanut dumplings practice Daquan_Meng monkey peanut dumplings how to do

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