Seven strokes of beautiful legs to meet the short-term boom in early summer

Summer is approaching, want to show beautiful legs but lack troubles how to quickly stovepipe?

Not afraid, the following describes the 7 strokes of the stovepipe exercise, followed by the practice of leg exercises, stovepipe exercise, you can experience fast stovepipe.

  The spring of Guangzhou flashed past, and the crushers should begin to ponder how to meet the new trend of long summer.

The new release on the T-stage has already indicated that this is another short skirt, shorts and pencil pants. In the following seasons, the following moves, the action is very simple, although it can not achieve the immediate rapid stovepipe effect, but can create a beautiful line of legstype.

  Part I tightens the thigh movements. A deep squat step: naturally shrinks, the feet are slightly shoulder-width apart, the legs are 90 degrees, the left and right fronts are stretched horizontally, the chest is raised, the abdomen is extended, the waist is straightened, and the hips are kept.

  Role: exercise the quadriceps, which is the front side of the thigh muscles, resulting in a firming, hip-reducing effect, but also can tighten the waist and abdomen.

  Tip: 1.

Be careful not to exceed the toes of your knees when doing squats.


For the X-shaped legs and O-legs, you can practice and improve separately. When the X-shaped legs do this action, they practice in the eight-character stance. The O-legs are reversed, and the eight-character standing posture is practiced.


Each time with 15-20 squats as a group, it is advisable to practice 3-4 groups.

  Steps: Step forward: Move your right leg to the right to change the bow and stand, bend your right leg, lift your left heel, and stand up and down to complete the movement. After one leg is done 8-12, change legs to continue.

  Role: tighten the front of the thigh, the back muscles, the lower back muscles also have a stretching effect on the back muscles of the thighs, belonging to the combination of the collection and pulling, while also helping to improve the muscle lines.

  Tip: 1.

Note that the knee joint should not exceed the toes when bending the leg.


Keep your hind legs and heels lifted off the ground and avoid trying not to touch the ground.

  One-leg kicking step: The body is prone, lifted up to support the elbow, the arm naturally stretches forward on the pad, the abdomen touches the ground, the head naturally forwards, the eyes look straight ahead, and one leg is lifted upwards and the toes are straight.

Do 2 exchange leg exercises per leg, do 12 each time.

  Role: tighten the biceps femoris, which is the muscles on the back side of the thigh, thus a tight leg-type effect, but also has a certain effect on the muscles of the waist and abdomen.

  Tip: 1.

Be careful not to overstress the lumbar spine when doing this, so as not to hurt your body.


Keep your toes at the tip of your leg and keep it straight, otherwise the effect will not be obvious.

  Sitting position kick step: sit on the backrest chair, legs together, with the front muscles of the thighs to slowly raise the legs to the level, keep falling for 2 seconds.

  Role: Different from the previous movements, this is a separate action, only for the quadriceps muscle, that is, the tightening of the front muscles of the thigh.

  Tip: 1.

Pay attention to the choice of a slightly higher chair to practice, and it is better to sit on the chair in a normal sitting position.


Use the muscles of your thighs to lift your legs, instead of using speed, don’t slow down.

  Side kick step: lying on the side of the pad, supporting the body with one hand, the ground leg is slightly curved, the other leg stretches straight and the foot is lifted forward at a 45-degree angle, and the single leg repeats 20.

  Role: exercise the inner and outer muscles of the thigh to improve the leg shape.

  Tip: 1.

Be careful to keep your legs straight and toe when you lift your legs.


Try to raise your legs at an angle of 45 degrees.

  3.The above two actions lead to Pilates, which has certain requirements for the softness of the body.

  Stretching the calf movement six-station posture lifting step: use the back chair as an aid, put the hand on the back of the chair as a support, the foot is padded 5-10 cm and the height difference of the ground, the upper and lower feet, 15-20 are a group,Usually do at least 3 groups at a time.

  Role: Mainly exercise the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles of the calf, which is very helpful for the girls who often wear high heels.

Often wearing high heels can easily cause the two muscles of the calf to shrink into a mass, affecting the curve of the calf. This action requires a height difference between the foot and the ground, which is to stretch the foot after the step.The process just happens to avoid the key to shrinking the calf muscles.

  Tip: 1.

When you can’t find an item that can be placed under your feet, you can choose a door cloud or a step to do it.


The weight of the chair is preferably slightly heavier, which can increase the stability of the action.