2015 NBA Finals-Cavaliers vs. Warriors substitute PK: JR heads up bench gangster_1

2015 NBA Finals-Cavaliers vs. Warriors Substitute PK: JR singles bench gangster
On June 4th, Beijing time, the 2014-15 NBA Finals was on the verge. The regular season champion Golden State Warriors will meet the Cleveland Cavaliers led by the league’s first person.It is often said that basketball is a five-person sport. In fact, there are more than five players. Even in the playoffs, each team will reduce the rotation range, but usually at least eight players will be used for rotation.And the performance of these bench players can often be surprisingly successful in the seven-win series, and even reverse the entire battle.Cavaliers vs. Warriors substitute PK Warriors main replacement rotation: Andre Iguodala, Sean Livingston, Leondro Barbosa, Festus Azeri21 per game.1 point 10.1 rebound 6.3 assists 1.9 steals and 1 block. Yes, you read that right. The Warriors did not include the name of David Lee in the nine-player main rotation this year.The 32-year-old white has no injuries and no obvious deviation in the competitive state. He can only be put in a row because his defensive ability can not meet the requirements of coach Steve Cole.The depth of the Warriors’ luxury can be seen.  In fact, in the 2012-13 season, Li was also a member of the Western Stars, the power forward in the third level of the year.Last season, he was still able to score 52 per game.3% of the hit Revival Warriors contributed 18.2 points 9.3 rebounds and 2.1 assist.Indeed, Lee’s performance on the defensive end is not complimentable, but is more determined by technical style than attitude. Since joining the league in 2005, no one has ever suspected that he is a team tumor.  But such a player has lost its main position this season, and even was directly scored into the cold palace.Above, this shows Cole’s tough wrist as a coach, but at the same time, it also confirms from the side that the Warriors are indeed amazingly deep, and no one is worried about being available.  For most of the regular season, the Warriors’ first substitute was Maris Speights, and when he was injured in the playoffs against the Grizzlies series, Azeri slowly replaced part of him.In the division final against the Rockets, the young big man averaged 6 per game.8 points and 6 rebounds, including the fifth game of the victory, he was 5 of 7 shots, scored 12 points and 9 rebounds.  Although Ezeli’s performance is very amazing, in fact, the team’s ninth player, the Warriors’ most important bench player, is another former All-Star player Iguodala.Outstanding sports talent, top defensive strength, comprehensive technology that can control pass and vote, any team in the league, Iguodala can play a main role, only in the Warriors, he can only aim at the bench gangster.  Under the leadership of Iguodala, the two veterans of Livingston and Barbosa also glowed. Among them, the former scored 14 points in the second quarter of the first game of the division finals to set the team’s reversal and win.contribution.These three outside substitutes have different styles and rich experience. They can play at least two positions on the field, which greatly enriches the Warriors’ time slot allocation.  On the defensive end, Iguodala can share the responsibility of defending LeBron. Livingston can also defend from the first position to the third position. As for Azeri, at the very least, it can also provide a strong body within the penalty area.When attacking, Iguodala can either be a guest organizer or take a free shot to steal a fast break. Livingston and Barbosa can quickly use the misalignment to create the biggest trouble for their opponents.Cavaliers’ main bench rotation: JR Smith, Matthew Delavidova, James Jones Playoff statistics: 25 points and 8 per game.2 rebounds 4.4 assists 1.6 steals 0.5 blocked shots due to the old injuries of the players in the team, the Cavaliers in the last two rounds of the playoffs are almost eight men in the world, and in the second and third games against the Hawks series, due to KayLeo Irving was injured, they even rely on seven players.Of the team’s three main substitutes, only JR is considered a good player. Delaware and Jones are both focused but highly flawed players. They can reach the current level in the playoffs this year, which can be said to have reachedlimit.  In comparison with the data of the Warriors bench gangsters, the Cavaliers are almost at the disadvantage, only highlighting the data is slightly better. Among them, JR has taken a key role.Just a few months ago, he was also a problem player for the Knicks, but now he has become a Cleveland city hero. JR’s life has been reversed, and it can’t help but be emotional.  In the playoffs to this day, the former best sixth man has contributed 13 for the Cavaliers.5 points 4.Nine rebounds and a 3-pointer percentage of 39.6%.Among them, the Eastern Conference finals against the Hawks, he averaged 18 points per game 7.5 rebounds, excellent performance.It can be said that in terms of individual performance, JR is currently the best backup player of the two teams.  In addition to JR, another recently popular player in the Cavaliers is their backup point guard Matthew Delavidova.The white man from Australia has a tough game style that does not match his appearance and body shape. In the divisional finals, due to the truce of Irving, he was ordered to endanger. Not only did he successfully freeze the opponent’s attacker Jeff Teague, but also abolished KayKorver angered Al Horford and was kicked out of the game.   Della Vidova’s talent is mediocre, his offensive ability is basically limited to open threes, but on the defensive end, he is better than the team’s point guard Kerry-Irving is more reassuring.In the upcoming finals, he is expected to shoulder the important task of marking Stephen Curry. Regardless of the result, I believe the process will not be boring.  Compared with JR and Daly, Jones can average 14. in the playoffs.One minute of playing time is entirely because Blatter is unavailable.Although from time to time, the outside shooter who has reached the finals with LeBron for five consecutive years can hit the ball with a tacit understanding of the vacancy with the old comrades, but basically, this is all his function.Conclusion From the surface data, the Cavaliers don’t seem to have a significant loss in playing against the Warriors. Even JR and Daly are more important to the team than the Warriors’ bench.However, the biggest problem is that the Warriors’ bench still has room to dig, and under the leadership of LeBron, the Cavaliers have almost inspired their greatest potential.  There will be many variables in the seven-win series. For the Warriors, Speights’ comeback is not far away, and once the team needs it, David Lee can also play at any time.But the knight?In addition to the names we mentioned above, who else can stand up?So from now on, every Cavaliers fan should pray for God, and don’t let them suffer from injuries.(panda)