Japan’s King of Comedy Shimura Ken Office issued a statement declining the ceremony and other ceremonies

“Japan’s King of Comedy” Shimura Ken Office issued a statement declining the ceremony and other ceremonies
According to a Japanese media report on March 30, Japanese artist Shimura Ken died of infection due to new crown pneumonia and was 70 years old.Subsequently, its affiliated firm reported the matter to various media by fax, saying that Shimura Ken passed away at 11:10 pm on March 29.It is reported that from the office’s announcement on the 17th that it has difficulty in breathing and other conditions, to medical treatment, testing, and diagnosis until treatment, the whole process is only 13 days.>>> The Japanese comedy Wang Zhicunjian was diagnosed with new crown pneumonia. The original plan to star in the new film Yamada Yoshinori was based on the wishes of Zhicunjian’s family.Ceremonies for laying ceremonies, offering flowers and offerings were also resolutely declined.According to another report, people in the firm said in an interview, “I hope everyone will recall that he can smile in future shows.”Shimura Ken’s real name is Shimura Kant. He was born in Tokyo in 1950.”In 1974, Shimura Ken began hosting the famous Japanese live show “Eight O’clock” as an intern.All Staff Collection.The show had hit 50.The highest rating of 5%, and because of the outstanding performance, Shimura Ken has become the most popular actor in the show.During Shimura ‘s TV career, he has hosted several Japanese TV shows, played the roles of “Master Fool” and “Uncle Strange”, and has been active in the Japanese comedy industry for a long time.”.Sauna, Yewang Editor Zhang He Wu Dongni Proofreading Liu Jun